Before there was a WoodenKnife Company there was the WoodenKnife Cafe in Interior, which has a view of the Badlands of South Dakota. At the cafe their specialty is authentic Indian tacos made from a special fry bread recipe. After sampling the delicious fry bread, tourist and locals alike encouraged Ansel WoodenKnife to market the Indian Fry Bread Mix.

Ansel took their advice and started the WoodenKnife manufacturing plant, located behind the cafe. As with any small business it took a lot of hard work. Ansel WoodenKnife felt and still feels strongly about giving customers an exceptional quality product right down to the packaging.

One packaging option is a version of the Native American pouch bag. This option gives a small look into the Sioux Indian culture. Back when the Sioux Indians were still migrating with the buffalo, pouch bags were used to store and transport grain and other goods. The other packaging option, although more main stream still has a personal touch. Ansel personally designed the blue and yellow box himself, using hand-drawn artwork.

The WoodenKnife Company has again taken on a new challenge. This one came about because food service providers were asking for a frozen dough. We at WoodenKnife are proud to announce that a frozen fry bread dough is now available with the same authentic taste that has made the original dry WoodenKnife Fry Bread Mix so popular.